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The Future of IoT Security and Workforce Management

If you’re looking for a reliable and advanced IoT technology that can handle your security and workforce management needs, look no further than ACTAtek. Our platform is easy to use and versatile, supporting fingerprint, facial, RFID, and cloud-based solutions. With ACTAtek, you’ll get a high-quality security system that’s prepared for the future.

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Why Actatek®?

Improve your business security and efficiency with Actatek® IoT solutions

The best option for your offices and facilities.

  • TLS 1.3 256-bit encryption
  • IP65 rating
  • Built-in CMOS video camera
  • Color TFT screen
  • Optional WiFi, 4G, PoE
  • facial, Fingerprint, Smartcard and Pin code authentication *

* depend on selected model

With Actatek®

improve your business security and efficiency with Actatek Facial IoT solutions, the best option for your office and facilities. user friendly, use any web browser on your PC, laptop or smartphone to access and manage device. it is technology proof with users, features and functions upgrade via software patches. the device is protected by latest TLS 1.3 256-it encryption and continuous upgrade to protect your network. with optional PoE built-in, just a single CAT5-6 cable can deliver all the needs for the device as well as to the door strike. Coupled with online maintenance giving you tremendous saving n cabling cost, remote on-site maintenance and travelling expenses! Easy to scale, you can install one today and thousands of units tomorrow! Simply plug and play on your network. The IP65 rating allows all weather installations.

The following list of options:

  • Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 2.4/5GHz) *
  • 4G module for remote and mobile internet connections *
  • Built-in smart card reader *
  • Live detection for fingerprint and Facial recognition *
  • Built-in web and database
  • Operation temperature from -20° C to 60° C

* optional

Looking for a comprehensive security solution? Our Actatek IoT device provides access control, video surveillance, and time clock features, all in one easy-to-use package. With multiple credentials including fingerprint, facial recognition, QR code, RFID, and more, you can customize your security measures to fit your needs.

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