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Workforce management activities, such as time and office requests, are essential but can be a burden for managers and employees. Smart In can help you streamline these processes, improve employee engagement, reduce turnover, ensure compliance, and save time. By striking a balance between efficiency and employee satisfaction, Smart In can help you simplify your daily operations and reduce the burden on everyone involved.

Why Smart In?

Welcome to Smart In, Empowering Your Workforce Management Experience

Our cutting-edge solution is designed to elevate the way you handle attendance, leave, and managerial oversight. With a host of innovative features, Smart In revolutionizes the way employees engage with their work activities while offering managers a comprehensive toolkit to streamline administrative processes. From seamless attendance validation to intelligent leave and permission management, Smart In transforms the way you interact with workplace operations.

Key Features

Empowering Your Workforce Management Experience. Our cutting-edge solution is designed to elevate the way you handle attendance, leave, and managerial oversight. With a host of innovative features, Smart In revolutionizes the way employees engage with their work activities while offering managers a comprehensive toolkit to streamline administrative processes. From seamless attendance validation to intelligent leave and permission management, Smart In transforms the way you interact with workplace operations.


Smart In provides employees with a way to inquire information about their Daily attendance information. It allows employee to check absences, delays, daily attendance records and assigned schedule time. They can view a summary of their attendance information for the current month or on daily basis. Additionally, they can check their leaves taken during the year, leave balances, partial full-day permits balance and official holidays date. This information can be helpful for employees to track their work activity and make sure they are compliant with company policies, and reduce the burden on managers.

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One of the challenges encountered in the collaboration between employees and management pertains to the considerable influx of administrative requests from employees and the time and effort it takes to address them by their superiors and departments. Therefore, the smartin a solution designed to streamline operations and enhance efficiency for both employees and management, by providing a distinctive feature that allows shortening time and effort within this framework, with document workflow process, employees can submit their day-to-day administrative requisitions such as requests for permits or vacations to the heads of their departments or administrative affairs to obtain Approving it, with the ability to include attachments to the request without the need to fill out a paper form, send a request via e-mail, or waiting in anticipation of request verdicts. Moreover, the application empowers decision-makers with timely and data-driven insights, enabling informed choices and prompt actions. Users are further enabled to monitor the progress of their requests, tracking their status from acceptance through to potential rejection.

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The Smart In application empowers employees to validate their attendance at the workplace through a robust and authorized GPS geographical location technology. This innovative approach involves utilizing the system to precisely determine the coordinates of the designated work sites. Consequently, the application restricts the acceptance of locations falling beyond the predefined range. Additionally, the system leverages Bluetooth technology in conjunction with beacon devices, enabling accurate location tracking within the building premises during working hours. This ensures that an employee's presence is verified only within the designated areas, safeguarding the integrity of the attendance validation process.

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Features Details

Inquiry Details

Duty Schedule information

User can check type and name of the current assigned duty, and what are the expected start and end time of his duty, and what his actual IN and OUT time.

Daily attendance report

Users can effortlessly access a comprehensive overview of their daily attendance through our platform. This includes real-time IN and OUT timestamps, instances of lateness and early departures, duty status, and details regarding any requested permissions along with their respective times and durations. Our system presents an insightful report reflecting the current month's outcomes, or users can check into previous data. Additionally, users have the flexibility to refine their reports based on specific status criteria, and they can download a PDF version of the report for their records.

Daily transactions list

Users are able to conveniently access their daily real-time IN and OUT records, inclusive of precise date and time data. This feature also encompasses used identification way and, where relevant, associated photos.

Attendance personal KPI

Smart In provide a comprehensive metrics that used to gauge employee overall performance during current month, its help employee insight his attendance activity with summarized information about attendance and absence days count, late and early out total minutes, applied permissions and leave credits. A weekly working hours and overtime total indicator.

Permission and leave assistant

Smart In facilitates employees in effortlessly assessing their monthly permission balance and annual leave credit, while also enabling them to review their historical requests. This feature presents a detailed information of past applications, encompassing pertinent information such as period, application date, and the corresponding balance at the time of the request. Additionally, employees have the capability to selectively examine requests during a specific month or year.

Streamlined Access to Information

Smart In empowers employees to effortlessly access a multitude of information pertaining to their administrative requests and attendance history. This comprehensive tool enables employees to review their registered allowances, accompanied by pertinent details such as dates and types. The platform offers robust search and filtering capabilities, enhancing the efficiency of information retrieval. Employees can also stay informed about deductions stemming from delay penalties and ascertain the corresponding amounts. Additionally, Smart In provides visibility into upcoming public holiday dates, further enriching the user experience.

Request Details

Request leave

Smart In empowers employees by providing a seamless way to initiate leave requests, including annual and other leave types. It ensures a meticulous approach by verifying the employee's leave balance eligibility prior to submitting the request. Additionally, employees have the option to attach relevant documents if necessary. The requests are subsequently directed to designated managers, adhering to customized workflow path configurations, for their approval. Employees can conveniently monitor the progress of their requests and review their historical leave applications. Notably, managers are promptly notified of new leave requests, while employees receive notification regarding the status of actions taken on their submissions.

Request Permission

Smart In extends its capabilities to encompass permission requests as well. Employees can effortlessly initiate permission requests, and the system employs a meticulous approach by scrutinizing the available permission balance before allowing the request to be submitted. This process ensures that employees are aware of their available allowances before proceeding. Furthermore, employees have the option to include any pertinent attachments along with their permission requests. Once submitted, these requests follow designated workflow paths for managerial approval. Employees can easily track the progress and history of their permission requests. As soon as a new request is initiated, designated managers are promptly notified, while employees are kept informed about the status of actions taken on their requests.

Manager actions

Tools in Palm of Hand

Smart In offers an array of enhanced managerial options that facilitate comprehensive oversight and review of employee attendance data and requests. Managers benefit from the capability to access and assess their team members' daily attendance records, encompassing instances of lateness and absences. Additionally, managers can efficiently oversee the daily leave and permission requests, and can take appropriate actions by either approving or rejecting these requests. The platform further empowers managers by allowing them to provide explanatory notes outlining the rationale behind any rejections.

Smart In Options

Elevate your experience with Smart In's comprehensive Options designed to cater to your preferences.

Multi-Language UI Support

Enjoy a user interface that transcends language barriers, ensuring a seamless experience for users across the globe.

Dark Mode UI

Embrace an elegant and modern interface with our dark mode option, providing a comfortable visual environment.

Notification System

Stay effortlessly informed and up-to-date with our robust notification system, keeping you tracking to important updates ,actions and company news.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Access Smart In's power and functionality on the go, as it seamlessly operates on both Android and iPhone devices, catering to your preferred mobile platform.

Web Version Accessibility

Take your administrative tasks to the next level with our web version, accessible through standard web browsers. This enables you to manage tasks conveniently from your desktop, ensuring flexibility in your workflow.

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